April 13th 2015 –  We are proud to announce that we have officially signed three beautiful and talented young women with our music label. “We want to be an empowering voice for young women who dare to be different”. These are the words of these three talented women – Fya, Azira and MANGGIS, otherwise known as DE FAM. 

As the name of their single goes, these girls are super-girls themselves. They sing, dance, as well as good in acting, and most importantly beautiful,  making them a whole package. 

As stated by Tune Studios own C.E.O, Adib Khalid, “It has been sometime since Malaysia has their own girl group, ever since Elite days. So it’s time for us to give this back to Malaysian”. He added, ” These girls are going to be big, with the right marketing angle and especially with the support of the whole Tune Group of Companies, we are able to push DE FAM regionally”.