5th June 2015 – DE FAM along with Ryan form Hitz FM was put into the new Subaru WRX and Subaru XV with world renowned professional stunt driver, Russ Swift. They were blessed with the opportunity to experience real life stunt driving done by Mr Swift especially with his famous drifting into a tight parking spot.

The event was brought to you by Subaru Malaysia and was part of their I Love Subaru campaign, where they tour around with their WRX and XV cars and Mr Russ Swift will be doing his stunt demo in these cars.

The Russ Swift Precision Driving Team, part of Russ Swift Driving Services, was formed in 1981. As the current British Autotest champion and England Autotest Team Captain, Russ was asked to demonstrate his skills in public on a number of occasions and realised there was a demand for this type of entertainment.

In 1987 a video was sent to an advertising agency suggesting that it would be a good idea to use Russ’s skills in a TV commercial. A story was drawn up and Russ was asked to insert some interesting manoeuvres. The resulting Montego “Car Park” commercial was a major success. Although the commercial only ran for 6 weeks It was highly acclaimed all over the world. It was featured at the Cannes Film Festival and in America was voted the world’s most imaginative car commercial.

For more info about Mr Swift do visit his website at www.russswift.com.

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