While many groups struggle to establish their musical identity, DE FAM stands out amongst the crowd with a clear vision of their image and musical direction. With their current Number 1 Hit single, #SUPERGIRLS, they have further cement their position as true contenders in the music industry. Their #SUPERGIRLS Official Music Video has garnered a total of 500,000 views on YouTube, while only been released for less than 2 months. #SUPERGIRLS is currently one of Malaysia’s favorite with it being played on high rotation on some of Malaysia’s top radio stations such as ERA FM, HITZ FM, HOT FM, as well as FLY FM. Currently #SUPERGIRLS is number 1 on HITZ FM’s MET 10 Charts and number 4 on the ERA FM Preview Charts, while being the number 1 most Shazamed song for a local act in Malaysia – it has a total of 16,000 search on Shazam (most searched local song in Malaysia). DE FAM has also collected over 1 million views on their YouTube Channel in a span of less than 6 months since their introduction to the world. Now the #SUPERGIRLS song has been added to all Air Asia Regional flights from August till September as part of their inflight song ro- tation. Currently they are the HOTTEST and FASTEST GROWING Pop-Act in Malaysia.

Born and bred in K.L., these proud ladies met first the first time in high school, where they were brought together through a mutual passion of dance. Fya and Azira were introduced to each other when they joined the “Funky Fresh Family” in 2008, fol- lowed by MANGGIS in 2010. Since then, it was only from regular karaoke sessions that they discovered their synergy and talent in singing could be taken seriously and pushed to the next level.

They explained, “We decided to be a girl group because we realized we are stronger together, and we’ve been dancing behind Malaysia’s finest artists’ for the past 3 to 4 years. Now that we’ve started singing together, we want to step out in faith and bring something new to the Malaysian music industry. Our debut single #SUPER- GIRLS is somewhat a story of our own experiences in making our dreams a reality”.

“We want to be an empowering voice for young women who dare to be different”. These are the words of three beautiful, strong-willed and independent young women.

Now, with a 5-Year deal with Tune Studios under their own record label, Tune Music, they are more than ready to deliver their best to fans across the country, as well as in the region. As quoted by Tan Sri Dr. Anthony Francis “Tony” Fernandes, the Co-found- er and C.E.O of Air Asia berhad, “ These girls are going to be big. They will be the ‘Spice Girls’ of Asia”.



Sophia Liana (Fya) – Vocals

Azira Shafinaz (Azira) – Vocals

Nurshazwani Shamsuddin (MANGGIS) – Vocals

Management & Bookings:

Jackie Urban Poh (

Gigfairy ( 

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